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Black, Young & Empowered was started to create a world where a minority child's future is not determined by race, gender, financial, social, or economic status.

Minority youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are most vulnerable, as parents do not have access to information or resources to assist their child. B.Y.E was founded to help improve the lives of the youth by providing families with funding for extracurricular activities, school equipment and additional supplies in order to excel academically and socially.

About B.Y.E

Black, Young & Empowered offers workshops that positively impact children's lives through different facets of empowerment. We work with age groups including 5-7, 8-12, and 13-16. We offer the tools, support, and community they need to grow into healthy, strong adults, with passion and conviction.

We have a range of workshop topics including gratitude, meditation, goal setting, leadership, business operations, college preparation, with the list ever expanding. Each workshop has a special guest.

We also offer quarterly community opportunities for the youth, such as volunteering to read to the elderly and other organizations, feeding the homeless, planting trees, and cleaning beaches. This is a perfect opportunity for the youth to work in their communities and receive  services hours if so desired.

The goal is to create a world where there are no limits. The children are truly equipped for the real world ahead. And, together, we will ensure our children are prepared for a thriving life.


In The



Your support will make a huge impact on one of B.Y.E families.


Our Gratitude workshop will be on 01/30/2022. Make sure you enroll your child today!


Looking for another amazing way to support B.Y.E, make sure you head over to the online shop TODAY! 15% of sales goes toward our grant programs



Are goal is to give our youth the best opportunity we can! We offer grants to families for extra curricular activities. For families that will like assistance in paying for Dance, music, sports, tutoring etc. we offer grants to pay for a whole season.

For are older youths we will be offer free labtops once a year.

We also will be giving away gift cards for good grades to 10 youth every quarter.

We believe when you empower the youth you create doors of amazing possibilities.

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