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B.Y.E facilitates and encourages confidence through empowerment coaching for the youth. We work with children and teenagers, ages 5-16, to develop tools and strategies for building self-worth, positive mindset, confidence, and a strong wellbeing.

We work with the youth by providing monthly workshops and quarterly community engagements. These workshops are offered in-person and virtually. After each workshop, the children will have "take-away" strategies to reassure and revitalize themselves while at school, home, or in the community. 


​​B.Y.E workshops are broken up into three ages groups; 5-8, 9-12 and 13-16. In person workshops are approximately 2 hrs. long. Our intention for these workshops is to inspire your child to believe they can do anything. We develop creativity, self-belief, a positive mindset, and confidence through discussion, activities, nutrients and self-reflection. We are here to help your child realize their full potential while giving them the tools to nourish their minds, bodies and soul. 

Workshops are $30 and %15 goes to the grants and scholarships funds. 

Topics include 

+ Gratitude 

+ Self-Confidence
+ Goal Setting
+ Kindness
+ Leadership
+ Happiness is my 

+ The Art of Giving

+ Finding my Voice

+ Meditation 

+ My Superpowers

+ Responsible for the World I see

+ Run my own Business (4 week workshop) Price will vary

+ And much more 

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Giving Back

Here at B.Y.E we like to encourage the youth  to give back to their communities. This is a great way to make sure your youth is well-rounded.  

+ Feeding the homeless 

+ Volunteering with organizations 
+ Reading to the elderly 
+ Tutoring 
+ Fundraiser 
+ Donate books to children Hospital 

+Animal Shelter 


Grant Programs

B.Y.E. understands how difficult it is to raise a family financially.  We have created several grants that will assist in providing for your child’s  extracurricular activities. It is proven that extracurricular activities build stronger leaders. Here at B.Y.E., we believe that children should have the opportunity to experience what they love without it being a financial hardship for their parents.

If chosen for the grant we will send the funds to the organization of your choice to cover one activity for a season. 


Gift Cards

Each quarter we will be providing a $25 gift card to 10 amazing kids for their good grades. Only requirement is proof of grades. Must be a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

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