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Every B.Y.E program and event is the result of hard work and dedication from our volunteers.


Some volunteer roles include checking in and welcoming event guests, supervising the youth during events, or even joining the event planning committee. Not into events? That's okay! other volunteer roles include mentoring the youth, helping out with social media, working on special projects or classes, connecting with local schools and organizations, or posting up fliers in our local community.

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The ultimate volunteer commitment is advocating for the organization's mission, and purpose. Ensuring financial resources through both fundraising and personal giving, recruit new participants and leaders, enhance the organization 's public standing, support the staff, and help strengthen our programs and services. 

To learn more about any of these volunteer opportunities or if you have a superpower outside of what we've listed, reach out and let us know! There's a place and space for everyone at B.Y.E

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